Physical Activities Center

Building 8

The PAC facilities include:

There are also fully equipped men's and women's locker facilities with amenities, a sports medicine training room and athletic locker rooms.

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The Fieldhouse

Building 8, Room 8L10

The 38,000 square foot fieldhouse is the main indoor practice facility for the Sinclair Baseball Team and is also used by Physical Education classes.

The fieldhouse has three tennis courts, five badminton courts, indoor group cycling area, golf cage, split batting cages, four pitching mounds, and 1/8 mile running-walking track, and a full size infield.

  • The Sinclair fieldhouse has hosted the following teams and events:
    United States Badminton Championships, NJCAA Regional and Conference Indoor Tennis Championships, Stan Saliski's Winter Baseball Camp, The University of Dayton & Wright State University baseball teams, and Sinclair's Indoor Baseball and Softball Tournaments

  • Surface: Tartan Rubber
    The ball will have a true bounce on it, unless a high chopper, and second bounce with spin and skip high. Players can slide on the surface, just not on the track.

  • Ceiling: Approx: 45 feet high
    Rafters run in different directions. (Read rules for balls hit into the rafters)
    Lights & sprinkler heads are covered in cage protection



Building 8, Room 8113

Weight Room

Weight Room

Building 8, Room 8112

Weight Room

Sinclair's weight room has everything you need to get a good workout in. The weight room includes: Free Weights, Selectorieed Machines, Life Cycles, Elliptical Trainers, Step Mills, Treadmills, Medicine Balls, and Exercise Balls.

DDI Hitting Facility

Building 8, Room 8L10

Batting Cage

Sinclair Baseball will use the DDI Training Center in the Winter. DDI features two batting cages and a workout room. One of the cages has a ProBatter which is one of the top hitting tools in the country used by every Major League Baseball team.

TRX Room

Building 8, Room 8115

TRX Room

Swimming Facility

Building 8, Room 8024

Swimming Pool

Grady's Field

Grady's Field

Address: 1197 South Detroit Street. Xenia, OH

Sinclair Baseball has called Grady's Field at Athletes in Action home since 2010. The field was completed in spring 2007 and is located on the campus of Athletes in Action's World Training and Resource Center in Xenia, Ohio. Grady's Field is all field turf (Except for the mound) and is a first class facility. The facility features stadium seating, press box, lights, heated dugouts, dual bullpens and dual batting cages on each side.

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